vanessa abreu
June 2012
Vanessa performs The Bridge for...
Janine Harrington

The Bridge is an interactive performance for a large cast of performers. Through a series of encounters, the
work invites passersby to explore their relationships to the performers- as audience, and as collaborators.

Vanessa Abreu, Rosina Andrews, Lydia Baker, Anastassia Bezerko, Luke Birch, Karen Callaghan, Iris Chan,
Katharin Copper, Hayley Durward, Elodie Escarmelle, Sammy Furnival, Alice Gaspari, Thomas Goodwin, Laura
Greenhalgh, Rachel Gildea, Ae Jin Han, Lyndsey Harding, Martin Hargreaves, Alexandrina Hemsley, Helen
Hosein, Carina Huber, Roxanne Jacques, Lena Kimming, Agnese Lanza, Stan Lee, Felix Lee, Alessandra Lopez
y Royo, Alice MacKenzie, Hamish MacPherson, Raquel Melo Claudino, Adam Moore, Rosanna Nevard, Katja
Nyqvist, Heloise O’ Donoghue, Stella Papi, Katy Pearce, Jessica Richards, Susan Sentler, Lucie Sheppard,
Charlotte Spencer, Leslie Tomkins, Elisa Vassena, Helena Webb, Symon Wheelhouse.

Millennium Bridge, 23 June, 2pm , 4, 6 & 8pm

May 2012
Vanessa joins TooMortal Creation and Tour with...
Shobana Jeyasingh Dance

Venice, London, Worcester and Stockholm. Inspired by their dramatic architecture Jeyasingh's striking
choreography contrasts and complements the rhythms and shapes of these historic buildings. Exploring notions
around the church as a place of enquiry as well as solace, the work offers an intimate and thought-provoking
respite to the busy hubbub of the streets outside.
TooMortal explores both human vulnerability and tenacity within a dramatic and historically resonant setting.
Jeyasingh's choreography offers surprising new perspectives, with the dancers travelling over the pews on a
powerful and mesmerising journey.

January 2012
Vanessa joins DisGo and Blake (Innocence+Experience) Spring Tour with...
Fleur Darkin Company

A blistering masterclass in fearless virtuosity, Experience is the brand new work from Fleur Darkin – one of the
UK’s leading choreographers.
An intense journey into extremes of tenderness and rage, Experience embodies the passion, wisdom and
inspiration of William Blake.
Expect lacerating choreography and bold performances from a cast of 8 international artists who push things to
the edge.
Experience combines Tanya Ronder’s vivid text and exquisite live music by Bristol artist Paul Bradley.

See what William Blake’s parents saw: a boy who believed in angels.

December 2011
Vanessa leaves London for three months to work with...
The Generating Company

Official Ceremony for the UAE 40th National Day Celebration.

During 2011 the Generating Company co-created and co-produced the Show ’Spirit of The Union’ for the Abu
Dhabi 40th National day celebrations. This spectacular arena production had more than 112 International
specialist aerialists, skaters and acrobats from 25 countries, and over 3000 local performers, volunteers and
Military personnel including horses.

Sheik Zayed Staduim, 2 December 2011

September 2011
Vanessa performs with...
Haptic Dance // Jason Keenan-Smith
Choreodrome, Touchwood

The Place, Studio 1, 2 Septemebr 2011

July 2011
Vanessa performs 'D-llusion' for...
Gerrard Martin Dance
Cloud Dance Festival

Gerrard Martin has toured nationally with Phoenix Dance Company, as well as dancing with Ballet Black, Union
Dance Company, Aletta Collins Dance Company and Sakoba Dance Theatre. Apart from modelling and film
engagements, Gerrard has also danced for the National Theatre (Mappa Mundi), English National Opera (The
Faery Queen), The Royal Opera (Don Giovanni) and with many commercial artists or bands, including Lionel
Ritchie, Misteeq, Jamelia, Eternal, Shola Ama and Shaggy.
Gerrard is an Associate Artist at UK Foundation for Dance.

'D-llusion' explores perceptions of body-image seen through a young woman's eyes. As she battles with her
psyche she percieves herself through media sound-bites and through her 'mirror image'. An unheatlhy
obsession with her reflected image results in her image being distorted. Is the reflection in the mirror an
apparition, a psychological nemesis; is the image real, or a figment of a delusional mind?

Pleasance Theatre, 23 July, 7.30pm.

July 2011
Vanessa is invited to work with....
Dane Hurst // Rambert Dance Company

InTRANSIT launches with Three days of unique events staged at the former Commonwealth Institute from 15 to
17 July. Closed to the public for a decade, creatives from Rambert Dance Company, Opera Holland Park,
London Contemporary Orchestra, Neo-Futurist Collective and others have come together to devise new audio-
kinetic adventures within this iconic building on High St Kensington.

Sir Robert Matthew's building has been closed to the public since 2002. It teeters between the remembered, the
future and the strange existence of a near 10-year pause. Responding to the rules and nature of the space, a
diverse spectrum of artists operating at the forefront of their fields will work to form a cyclic narrative using
music and performance that represents a decade of limbo and a building of many different ends.

The void will be explored, the vessel will make vessels of us all. Nature abhors a vacuum. It is not empty.

The Commonwealth Institute, 15 July, 7pm-11pm; 16-17 July 2pm-11pm.

June 2011
Project Touch
Vanessa Abreu and Luke Dunne appear on RTV Slovenija + Šouvizija!

Video Links:
minute 3'08
minute 1'33

April 10
Atfer an accomplished performance at Green Room, Manchester part of Turn 2010, White Flag were short-
listed for the Turn Prize!!!!

March 10
Performances at Green Room, Siobhan Davies Studio and Cloud Dance Festival!

November 09
SOFT CUTS -  performance Saturday 28th November, Blue Elephant Theatre

August - November 09
A new project begins...

July 09
19th - 26th July - KOLT Bjällansås 2009, Bokenås - Sweden.
dance works
Photo: Mike Conway