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"I.Standing Woman Dressed in Black II.Female Wearing Dark Dress III. Kneeling Woman in Underwear, Front View", 2007

“…something eminently abstract. (…) a web of transparent things and nameless objects, of words said and words always unsaid, (…) as if time had been suspended, as if everything had died in the surrounding silence (…). How can one show the invisible? (…) After all, a story of decadence and fear in which everything ends up coming together in the most radical place of the story of each character: his or her body.”                                                                                                                                                           
                                                                                                                                                              João Lopes

The work is set around the idea of how, when and what information to give to an audience, what to allow them to fill in themselves or what not to reveal, one performer inhabits a particular tensed sense of atmosphere, a haunting, intuitive and insightful solo, highly expressive of inner states. The audience is drawn into and invited to witness the journey of the charter on stage. Although the work does not intend to suggest a narrative and subsequent solutions it appears as an organic collage of themes, movements, moments, memories, spaces previously explored and expressed and now recycled into an evocative solo work of shadows, obscurity and a false sense of strength and control.

Vanessa Abreu
Vanessa Abreu, Matthew Orange (Bassoon), Noura Sanatian (Violin), Maral Mohammadi (Cello)
Music - Original Composition by Matthew Orange ‘Tenacity’
Sound by
Vanessa Abreu
Image - Captured and Edited by Andrej Gubanov
Text excerpts of “Memórias com Mar” (2002), written by
Francisco Fernandes Voices by Nuno Pires, V Abreu
Lighting Design
Vanessa Abreu, Xavier Briche
Set Design
Vanessa Abreu, Andrej Gubanov
Vanessa Abreu
April 2009 - Blue Elephant Theatre - Dress Rehearsal Run
September 2007 - Bonnie Bird Theatre
January 2008 - Trinity College of Music -  Theatre Studio
April 2009 - Blue Elephant Theatre
One Starting Point, Four Studies
A Performance Event

“In fact, every piece of theatre and every piece in life is first of all itself, and is then, that means secondly, about or of anything else, referring to an open or hidden meaning….But, as we are used to step forth to the meaning of a gesture, gaze, sign or smile almost automatically, we forget to see them as what they are, and see just a smile to us, or a smile to her, an honest smile or a smile with an intent. So, the smile gets attached to a meaning (and an (emotional) response)”                                            
                                                                                                                                             Christian Kunze 2006

"(...) Today, we are presenting you with ‘re-perspectives’ of the previously mention solo work. Mainly dealing with questions of perception, the content, context and degree to how and what one chooses to reveal something. To do so, a journey needs to be fulfilled while experiencing a transformation of the atmosphere, its actions, colours and sounds. 
It does not intent to reveal a narrative or logical sequence of events; nonetheless, it represents an organic collage of the studies and experiments undertaken throughout the collaborative research. To create the bridge or transition between one atmospheric scene and the next one, two short sequences of images take place, as light begins to transform itself in order to accommodate the next scene to come.”     
(2007, June 5)
Research and Development - A Collaborative Study

Vanessa Abreu and collaborators - material originally from “Woman Bending Forward, seen from the Back” 2006
Vanessa Abreu, Claudia Giordano, Andrej Gubanov
Image Eddited by Claudia Giordano, Andrej Gubanov, Vanessa Abreu
Captured by Andrej Gubanov, Claudia Giordano, Luis Frontana
Sound excerpts from “O Delfim” (2000) by Fernando Lopes, and “Paisagens Intermédias” (2002) short movie by João Lopes with original text read by Alexandra Lencastre. Edited by Vanessa Abreu
Lighting Design Vanessa Abreu, Xavier Briche
Vanessa Abreu, Claudia Giordano, Andrej Gubanov
June 2007 - Laban Studio Theatre
dance works
Photo: Neil Shearer