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"Woman Bending Forward Seen From the Back", 2006

“Everybody’s life has some rain in it…”
Bernard Herrmann

“The solo presents a possible version of Maria das Mercês. It may be a physical representation, personification or embodiment of her character. It encounters the physical qualities, characteristics manifested in Schieles’ portrait works and outcome of the movement research, and the understanding and interest in the source.

The strong emotional elements that come out of both sources of inspiration (Schiele and O Delfim), and which informed the emotional landscape of the work, greatly interested me. To perform this work, I’ll have to make it into a living organic experience. I have to apply the inner motivation and interest in the work, to make it live through me. I have to experience Schieles alienations and distortions, and also Maria in her journey, as an event moving feelings. Even if in a new and/or different way, I have to discover, what would be a new embodiment of the work and character (from book, to film, to dance). 

The extensive research and familiarization with both sources of inspiration (…) allowed the last part of the project, to somehow happen on an intuitive level. Its structure resembles Maria das Mercês journey, at first maintaining a strong relationship to the wall, to which she fights against or turns towards, whether looking for answers, or comfort and ultimately finds enough strength to move away from. Choices concerning the use of space, the use of the wall, as a support and the text in the sound score appear as elements which will hopefully help to emphasise the vulnerability and isolation of the character. The notion of intimacy and a sense of solitary are then apparent.”     
(2006, May 9)


Choreography + Performance
Vanessa Abreu
Sound excerpts from “O Delfim” (2000) by Fernando Lopes, and “Paisagens Intermédias” (2002) short movie by João Lopes. Edited by
Vanessa Abreu
Lighting Design
Vanessa Abreu, Luke Thomas Dunne
Vanessa Abreu
May/June 2006 - Bonnie Bird Theatre
dance works
Photo: Mike Conway